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How Things Have Changed

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The "Octagon" house desparately needed someone with courage,vision and who was fearless to tackle the task of saving this home...that would be "Jonathan".The roof had been leaking for years,chickens shared the living space,there was a private dump in the back yard and finally one day the side of the house blew out. He has done a magificent job of completely restoring the home and saving a piece of local history.Thank you Jonathan for preserving this rare home.








"THE DOOR" ...It's so much fun searching for that right salvage part to fill that special space.Hoffman's Barn in Redhook is a great place to look. The inventory is always changing and the prices are great! They may need cutting down, replacing broken glass and cleaning off the barn dirt but oh they look so nice with a coat of Ben Moore's Oil Base Dove White.


This is Beth's house. It is such nice well built home that needed a face lift. The trees and shrubs were overgrown, the roof was at the end of it's life, the aluminum siding was chalked up and turned your hands white if you touched it. Beth has done a fantastic job on bringing this home back to life with a new roof, new siding and major cutting of shrubs and trees in the yard. It is a wonderful neighborhood and she just made it look even nicer!


"An old farmhouse"...our hearts and souls are searching for something like this home. There it was , resting on a tiny knoll in Craryville along the edge of a county road. The home was just waiting to be discovered and loved again. It didn't take long...as I recall it was about two days. Marylyn found it ,....she demonstrated her keen eye and talent for making a "New" "Old" "House"!


One of the tiny homes( Black & White is in the 50's,the Secor House) on Rail Road Avenue where the trolley traveled directly in front of the homes.

The floor boards on the north side of the lower front room were worn down as if someone walked back and forth behind a counter.A sweet little village home.


Rail Road Ave in 2002.The tiny house on the left and the white house on the right are next door neighbors. The white house was the "Cross House". The "Cross" house was identical to the "Secor" but twice the size. The stairs were directly in front of the entrance doors and they were ballon construction.


Rail Road Ave in 2004 the "Cross" house, the white house above with the boxie front porch and snow on the ground. The picture on the left was shot after the aluminum siding and front porch was removed. Frances who is photgrapher purchased the home in 2005 and did a total restoration of the home.


This little ranch needed everything top to bottom, inside and out. There was a huge effort put into this home and now it is a little doll house.




Jeannie and Ron transformed the old porch/living room into their bedroom that over looks the creek at their new summer cottage.


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